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Friday, February 27, 2015

FGS/RootsTech 2015: A Photo Recap; Day 5 (Part 2)

Part 2 is now ready for enjoyment.

Date: Saturday, 14 February 2015 (Valentines Day)
I received a Valentine card and candy from Amy Urman during the Keynote this morning. This really made my day! 

Randy Whited of FGS taking a quick
photo of Angie Bush (not pictured)

CeCe Moore during her incredible DNA
presentation at the APG Luncheon

Eowyn Langholf and Cheri Passey

Kimberly Jordan and Terri O'Connell

Thomas MacEntee (R) conversing with a vendor

DearMYRTLE - Your friend in genealogy

Master blogger, Robert Raymond

Tim Firkowski - The Genealogy Assistant

RootsTech crowd

Saturday was kids day - thousands!

MyHeritage had an impressive display

One more ribbon from Thomas MacEntee

A true GeneaRockStar, Lisa Louise Cooke

The GeneaSpy caught speaker Jennifer Alford (R),
blogging before her class... or was she on Facebook!

Great lineup and this is just one room!

S-416 the last class of the conference!
And it's the best!

Presenter and master blogger
Michael D. Lacopo

GeneaSpy, the RibbonDork

Dick Eastman of the long-running,
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

EOGN dinner party hosted by Dick Eastman
This was my 6th. dinner since 2012

A prize was given out from Clooz 

Mark Olsen of MyHeritage was very generous
with multiple free subscriptions!

Alan Phillips of Unlock The Past genealogy cruises
gave out an impromptu gift!

Robert "Bob" McLaren has been to almost every
EOGN dinner and always brings his Sgian-dubh

Grand prize winner with a new Apple!

My dinner buddies, Mark & Sara Olsen
with Dick Eastman

End of the conference and time to relax
Until next time!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

FGS/RootsTech 2015: A Photo Recap; Day 5 (Part 1)

Final day of the conference! As before, I attended FGS classes exclusively, even though I had a RootsTech pass. Today we had school children visiting from the surrounding area which increased the attendance significantly. It was great to see their enthusiasm and I wish more of America had that zeal.

The following is a list of classes and events I attended:
·        Determining Kinship with DNA by Angie Bush
·        APG Sponsored Luncheon:  DNA Discoveries: Hidden African Ancestry and Jefferson’s Blood by CeCe Moore
·        Google and Beyond: Finding Illustrations and Photographs by Maureen Taylor
·        Martha Benschura: Enemy Alien by Judy G. Russell
·        EOGN Dinner Party with Dick Eastman

Now for the picture highlights:

Hotel view

Hotel view

Donnie Osmond's escort
A little different from the Bush's

Ron Arons setting up for the final day

RootsTech Saturday marquee

Keynote hall 7:51 AM

Randy Seaver and Michelle Taggart talking

FGS 2016 in Illinois!

A great time to get to know one another
(L) friend and (R) Laurie Desmarais

Innovator showdown winner



More cousins!

Even Randy Seaver is a cousin

A.J. Jacobs RootsTech keynote introduction

A. J. Jacobs is hosting a get together
in New York on June 6th.

A.J. went through some phases

A.J. is related to Gweneth

A.J. is related to President Obama

Another cousin

More relations

Great graphic

More relations

A.J. is related to the Bush's

A.J. is related to Dr. Gates, Dr. Oz, D. Joshua
Taylor, and David E. Rencher

Look to your right!

Donnie Osmond

Donnie Osmond

Donnie Osmond sang a few songs

I didn't bother with videotaping - I have
my crew on it

Donnie talked to the woman in the second
row in purple about his dance trophy in Vegas

Valerie Lair and Cheri Passey -
Die hard fans!

Backstage line for media to get their
pictures with Donny

Backstage with A.J. and Donnie

Backstage with A.J. and Donnie

Backstage with A.J. and Donnie
Paul Nauta of FamilySearch holding cousin sign

I took this after walking behind Donnie
Amy Urman and Robert Raymond in foreground

Donnie Osmond official photo
To my right - Amy Urman and Robert Raymond

Backstage with A.J. and Donnie
Robert Raymond on far left

End of part 1 of 2