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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

SLIG 2016: A Photo Recap; Day 6

Well, it’s the final day. Nooo! Let’s have another week of learning! Today was the last day of researching the South. It turned out that our course co-coordinator, Kelvin Myers, was having a birthday today! Kelvin was surprised with fresh made birthday cupcakes (The best I’ve ever had). I think Anne Mitchell arranged all that. Also happening during our class sessions, Angela McGhie won a one year subscription to Ancestry World Explorer from Anne Mitchell of Ancestry.com.

 At the end of our classes for the day, we were presented with our certificate of completion by Kelvin. Very nice indeed! I have to say, this has been well worth every penny and I’d do it again. Oh, wait, I am next year!

 Later that evening I attended the pre-dinner party followed by dinner with the most moving talk by Judy G. Russell that I have ever heard from her. During dinner, SLIG board members thanked a lot of people for their support and even recognized me for my efforts in setting up a private Facebook group for students and teachers to talk to each other. Thanks Peg & Mary Jane! Oh, they approached me during the pre-dinner and asked if I would consider helping out with social media for next year. Wow! I was caught off guard. After about 5 seconds, I said, “Sure!” What have I gotten myself into now! I better step up my game.

Photo highlights from Day 6: Final Day of Classes, Certificate, Pre-Dinner Get-together, Dinner.

Friday, 15 Jan 2016

Happy Birthday, Kelvin!

Lunch at my desk. Nice and quiet.

The view outside during lunch. I want more snow!

Classroom candid photo.

Anne Mitchell presenting the Ancestry World Subscription to Angela McGhie.

I think I'm the third one down. Sorry for taking a picture of your slide Anne. Shame on me!

Yes, I'm a happy camper!

Now on to the festivities!

Jessica Taylor & Dick Eastman

Leslie Carney ready for picture time.

I'm representing my Viking DNA

People do the funniest things with hats on.

The Three Amigos - Myself, Amy Urman & Leslie Carney

The Four Musketeers - with Susan Petersen keeping it real.

Dave McDonald & Rick Fogerty

Debbie Abbott & Warren Bittner

John Colletta & Craig Scott

My Heroes - DearMYRTLE & Dick Eastman

The rush to get into the main event.

Very nice indeed!

Very nice lapel pin for each of us too!

Yvette Hoitink & Sue Hawes (sorry for not cropping).

View from the back.

This dinner was absolutely full!

Recognition of my SLIG Facebook group!

Dick Eastman taking a picture of all of us!

Dick Eastman receiving the UGA Silver Tray Award.

Thomas Kent Edlund came out of the shadows for the UGA Fellow Award.

Peg Ivanyo & Brett Petersen of UGA

Peg Ivanyo introducing Judy G. Russell.

Judy G. Russell - Best ever!

Until next year!!!

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