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Monday, March 6, 2017

SLIG 2017: A Photo Recap; Last Research Day/Travel Day

With the institute now over, I have a full day of free research time at the Family History Library (FHL) and then a completion meeting with the SLIG committee in the late afternoon. I started off by going to the top floor for another free breakfast but they weren't serving any so I went downstairs to the restaurant. I'm glad I did because I saw one of the course coordinators and good friend Genea Philibert-Ortega and we sat down together and had a nice chat during breakfast.

After breakfast, as I was heading out the hotel doors, I saw Jean Wilcox Hibben and Gena Philibert-Ortega loading up their car and getting ready to drive back to California. Of course, I had to take a quick photo of them! They offered to take me to the library and then we said our good-byes.

 Into the library and back to research! I did a little microfilm and book reading, I like blending the two. The atmosphere was different today there and not so busy. There were still several SLIG teachers and students still there. I met up again with my Arizona friends Amy and Leslie there and later we had lunch together. I found some cool books where I found information that I didn't know before.

 At the SLIG completion get together, Peg Ivanyo ordered pizza for all of us! The meeting was a lot different from the others. We were asked, "If you could do anything you want at the next institute, what would it be?" I am paraphrasing here, but it gave us a chance to think. She also asked what worked and what didn't work? Peg and this team are truly exceptional to work with. One of the best qualities of working with them was the communication between us all. We even had little phone lists for everyone and we knew who to contact for what reason. A great experience for me for sure! I hope to use this knowledge in other genealogical society events that I'm apart of in the future.

 Until next year SLIG... Thank you!

Now for the photos...

Jean and Gena. Thanks, guys!!!

My 5th. great-grandfather was a musician in the Revolutionary War!

My paternal ancestors lived near a lot of swamps!

Working on my Danish immigrant, Charles Albertson.

Going to lunch with Amy & Leslie one last time.

Across from the FHL

Working on my Mom's side of the family.

Elizabeth Jane (Mayo) Galloway, my 2x great-grandmother.

This is where my Hawthorne's started in Alabama.

One of my cousin's houses in Alabama.

What the "Professionals" do when the students are away.

Cyndi Ingle being Cyndi Ingle.

She must be a good collector!

Great pizza at the SLIG committee meeting.

I'm official!

Travel Day...

Another early morning airport wait.

Bye, Salt Lake City!

Lake Mead

The Salton Sea

One of my favorite places - Anza-Borrego Desert State Park!

Where the desert meets the mountains.

Otay Lakes in the background.

Greenwood Cemetery, San Diego. I have relatives there.

Beautiful San Diego! In Winter!

There she is!

On the ground and ready for home!

This concludes our broadcast from SLIG 2017... See you next year!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

SLIG 2017: Day 5; A Photo Recap

Friday, 27 January 2017

 Last day! Where has the time gone? Today is another full day of classes topped off with the big completion banquet later in the evening. This has truly been an exceptional time learning about Virginia. This was my second institute and now I'm hooked! I still love conferences but, for a deeper learning experience, you need to come to an institute for a week.

I want to acknowledge the SLIG Committee for an outstanding job this year. It would have not been possible without them. They each provided their expertise and went the extra mile. I am pleased to have been asked to stay on the marketing team, helping put with social media and blog posts. It has been fun and a great learning experience.

SLIG Committee:

 1. Peg Ivanyo, Director
 2. Debra Hoffman, Assistant to the Director
 3. Valerie Hansen, Registrar
 4. Sandra Ball, Assistant Registrar
 5. Dan Hull, Logistics/AV Backup (President of UGA)
 6. Bret Petersen AV Issues (Immediate Past-President of UGA)
 7. Mary Jane Saylor, Marketing Coordinator
 8. J. Paul Hawthorne, Marketing Assistant, Social Media
 9. Shelley Lewis, Photographer
10. Sue Petersen, Instructor Hospitality, SLIG Central Sales
11. Jane Van Tour, Student Hospitality
12. Shelley Cowan, UGA Administration Assistant

 Also, a shout out to the Hilton Salt Lake City Center. They did an outstanding job as our host and if anything went wrong or needed attention, they were there to set thing right.

 My class schedule for Friday:

1. Researching Early Virginians - Dunn
2. Reconstructing Relationships with Business Records - Dunn
3. Virginia's Manuscript Records: On Site, On Film, Online, and In Print, Part 1 - Little
4. Virginia's Manuscript Records: On Site, On Film, Online, and In Print, Part 2 - Little

And now for the pictures...

Note: I didn't add a lot of captions.

Lunch in Gena Ortega's class!

Jean Wilcox Hibben getting ready for a musical interlude.

Some of Jean Hibben's instruments. 

Behind the scenes at SLIG Headquarters.

Finishing up awards for the banquet.

Setting up the banquet.

Happy Birthday, DearMYRTLE!!!

Pat Richley-Erickson!

Social before the banquet.

AC Ivory and Denise Levenick.

Owner of History Lines.