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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SLIG 2016: A Photo Recap; Day 1

SLIG is the affectionate acronym of the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. This one-week intensive genealogical learning experience is for those Genealogists and Family Historians who want to take the next step in their researching and documenting practices. I believe I am ready for this next step.

 I’ve only been to one institute before, back in October 2012, when I won a free tuition to the British Institute. Of course, the class I took was the most intense one I could take, "From Simple to Complex: Applying Genealogy’s Standard of Proof to Your Work", taught by Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., CG, CGL, FASG, FUGA, FNG. Did I graduate? Let’s just say that I received a certificate of completion.

 That leads me to my decision choice at SLIG. Out of the 13 courses that covered the high-intermediate to advanced-level education, I chose a course that I could handle and I knew a little about – Southern research. The course was entitled, “Swing Across the South” with J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA as the lead instructor. Turned out that Mark had to stay in Tennessee for health reasons and so he recruited his friend from Texas, Kelvin L. Meyers, to be the course co-coordinator. On a side note, turns out Kelvin is from the same small county in Texas that my maternal grandparents lived, Crosby County!

 There were three other very talented teachers for the course I was taking, Anne Gillespie Mitchell, better known to the wider public as “Ancestry Anne” on Ancestry.com, Deborah “Debbie” Abbott, PhD, and Michael Hait, CG. Each of them added their expertise to the well-rounded curriculum.   

Photo highlights from Day 1: Travel Day, Registration, Social Gathering

Sunday, 10 Jan 2016.

Leaving San Diego

Landed in San Francisco to switch planes

Approaching snowy Salt Lake City

Arrived at the Hilton. Do they anticipate I'll need this?

The Hilton is a very nice place to stay for a week!

Meeting Yvette Hoitink from the Netherlands

Socializing with fellow students and teachers

Meeting people at the social

More socializing

SLIG & UGA officers and directors pumping up the students and introducing all the teachers

I'm so excited!

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