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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jamboree 2016: DNA Day

 Back to Jamboree! This is my first time to attend the Genetic Genealogy Day the day before the actual conference starts. Having attended webinars and classes on genetic genealogy for the past few years, I thought I was ready to delve in a little deeper into this pool of knowledge by some of the best in the field. And I was… and learned a lot!

Below are the classes I took.

 Schedule for DNA Day: Thursday, 1 June 2016

·        “How to Do a DNA Triangulation” - Kitty Munson Cooper.
·        “NextGen Y-SNP DNA Testing Can Illuminate Your Paternal Line” - David Dowell, PhD.
·        “DNA for Genealogists: Breaking Brick Walls” - Kitty Munson Cooper.
·        Luncheon: “The Peopling of Europe” – Michael F. Hammer. PhD.
·        “The Genetic Genealogist as Citizen Scientist” - Blaine T. Bettinger, PhD, JD.
·        “Using Autosomal DNA to Solve a Family Mystery” - Thomas W. Jones, PhD, CG®, CGL®, FASG, FUGA, FNGS.
·        “Autosomal DNA: Considerations for Endogamous Populations” - Paul Alan Woodbury.

Now for some pictures…

The pavilions going up the day before

SCGS invades the Marriott once again!

Yes, I'm a happy camper.

MyHeritage dinner with George Morgan and Schelly Dardashti

MyHeritage dinner with Mark Olsen, Drew Smith & George Morgan. Thanks, Mark!!!

Perfect weather!

Social media station.

Relaxing with George Morgan, Drew Smith, Sue Moran, and Paula Stuart-Warren 

Let the day begin!

Getting our badges.

Love their logo!

Arizona in the house! (L-R) Beverley Fieg & Laurie Desmarais

San Diego in the house!  

Happy to be learning!

Kitty Cooper is wonderful!!!

Nicka Smith & Angela Walton-Raji talking to True Lewis on the East Coast!

Haplogroup boards

Luncheon was great!

My cousin, Michelle Amsbury.

Looking at how we are related.

DNA luncheon

The very knowledgeable Paul Woodbury.

The man with the plan, Leo Myers.

Ron Arons joking with Tom Jones.

So glad Dr. Jones has jumped on the DNA bandwagon.

Very interesting subject.

Jan Brandt, Linda Okazaki & Susanne Mori.

Having fun in Paul Woodbury's class.

Paul Woodbury, DNA and balloon master!

Helped promote the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy

Nice view from my 8th. floor.

Fish & Chips at J. Paul's social media center.

Late night dessert.

Got badges?

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