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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jamboree 2016: Day 3 Final

Sunday, the final day of a glorious Jamboree conference. Today I, as with past Jamboree’s, leave about mid-afternoon on a two-hour drive back to Escondido. This final day was awesome, as the past few days have been. It started off with a breakfast sponsored by LegacyTree Genealogists with Paul Woodbury giving an impassioned talk about his trip to discover his ancestors in France. At the breakfast, Melanie Frick was presented the 2016 Suzanne Winsor Freeman Memorial Genealogy Grant and Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree Scholarship by Denise Levenick. Congratulations!

 Today, Jamboree also had a contest about wearing your hometown shirt and a quick response about it. There were some great entries, but I liked Randy Seaver’s San Diego shirt the best. It had a large map on it and he pointed out the different places he lived. His wife Linda also had a matching shirt.

 This conference, as with others I attend around the country, are fun, informative, and exciting, but Jamboree has a different feel about it. Could it be the location? The climate? The people? I think these play a big part of it. So, as always, I shall return next year to this grand genealogy conference.

 Schedule Day 3: Saturday, 5 June 2016

·       Breakfast: “Preparing Good Ground: Fostering Interest for Coming Generations” – Paul Alan Woodbury.

·       “Handwriting Analysis for Genealogists” – Ron Arons.

·       “Why Were They There? Merging Evidence to Understand Migration” - J. H. (“Jay”) Fonkert, CG®.

·       “Use Timelines to Organize, Analyze, and Evaluate Evidence” - Annette Burke Lyttle.

Elevator ads? Who'd ever thought.

Breakfast event.

Melanie Frick & Denise Levenick

Paul Woodbury's mentors.

The always entertaining Sheri Savory.

Hometown contest.

Linda & Randy Seaver with their San Diego shirts.

The winner!

Randy Seaver

Debby Anderson

Jean Taeuffer and her Healdsburg shirt.

Sheri Savory & Ron Arons make Jamboree fun!

Until next year...