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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

SLIG 2017: A Photo Recap; Day 2

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

 Well, we're off and running full speed at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG). Day two started with another early SLIG Committee meeting at 6:00 AM followed by a quick bite and then off to class. Later that night, I went via the SLIG bus to the Family History Library to check out the books on the third floor, which yielded some good information on my Hawthorne family from Georgia and North Carolina. Before leaving I went downstairs for a private tour of the newly completed Discovery Center on the first floor. Technology melded with genealogy is a good match!

My class schedule for Tuesday:

1. How Government Worked: The Virginia Court System Prior to 1850 and Its Records - Little
2. Legislature and the Law: Virginia's Published Government Records - Little
3. Lands from the Crown: Records of the Colonial Land Office - Dunn
4. Records of the Northern Neck Proprietary - Dunn

Now for the pictures...

Break time in SLIG Central.

Katherine Willson's sparkly slippers.

Shelley Lewis and Nancy Redheffer adjusting quite nicely.

Friend Diana Ritchie from Indiana.

The view outside.

The SLIGMobile.

A book by Paul K. Graham on the right (who sat behind me in class).

I actually smile bigger in the book dept. than the microfilm dept.

Paula Stuart-Warren giving a private tutor to Mary Kozy.

Just finished Discovery Center.

My ancestor's migrations.

Texas area.

My maternal 2x great-grandparents with their children.

My maternal grandmother.

Back to the Hilton, James!

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