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Sunday, February 5, 2017

SLIG 2017: A Photo Recap; Set-Up/Registration/Reception

 Sunday, 22 January 2017, Salt Lake City.

 Today is the big set-up day and final preparation for the institute. The day was long and a lot of work! Committee meetings, registration badges, unloading and moving books (twice!), then a social to top it off. I met several Facebook genealogy friends face to face for the first time, which is always a thrill, and even met my DNA match, LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, all the way from South Carolina!

Now for the pictures!


Getting registration badges ready with the SLIG Team.

All ready to go!

The SLIG Committee Board Room on the 17th. floor.

View from the 17th. floor.

SLIG Committee - Headed by Peg A. Ivanyo.

SLIG Committee

Gift from SLIG with my name imprinted on the lower right corner.

Syllabus and other info.

My syllabus for the Virginia course.

Name tag for our desk.

Bret Petersen (Past President of UGA) and Dan Hull (President of UGA) with Martha.

Maia's books unloaded and stored until after the reception is over upstairs.

So many books!

Martha's van.

Martha's next stop after SLIG is RootsTech!

Friends Jeri Satterwhite-Dearing and Faye Jenkins Stallings.

Everyone was mingling around and meeting people.

Amy Urman, Judy Russell, and Dan Hull.

The one and only, DearMYRTLE and Mr. Myrt. The Erickson's!

Angela Packer-McGhie getting her class materials in order.

Australian friend Helen V. Smith of Dragon Genealogy.

Group selfie with Robert Stanhope, Jan Brandt, and Paula Furick.

Entering the Reception.

Nice hors d'oeuvres for everyone!

We're a DNA match!!! LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson and I match! New cousins!

LaBrenda with Kelvin Myers and Robert Stanhope.

They must be downloading a new app or something. LOL.

Setting up SLIG Central after the reception.

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