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Friday, February 10, 2017

SLIG 2017: A Photo Recap; Day 4

Thursday, 26 January 2017

 Another day of deep learning about Virginia! Today seemed more relaxing and laid back then the previous days. I don't think I went to the FHL because I can't find any pictures... that's weird. I think I was thinking that I was planning on spending all day there on Saturday. Today was Australia day and Helen Smith decorated a table in her class next to mine with flags and TimTam's. They were delicious!  The evening was topped of with the three amigos (Amy, Leslie, and myself) walking to Blue Iguana's to have a nice Mexican meal. Early to bed because Friday is going to be a long day with the big banquet.

 My class schedule for Thursday:

1. Women, Children, Aliens and Servants: The Law in Early Virginia - Dunn
2. In Chancery: Using Court Papers to Add to and Enhance Your Pedigree - Dunn
3. Tracking the Land: Virginia's Land Tax Records - Little
4. Settlement on the Western Waters - Little

And now for the pictures...

Today, Shelley Lewis took a lot of class photo's.

The Virginia class - Group 2

No comment.

Sometimes you just need a little quiet time. Susan Clark.

Australia Day!

Thanks, Helen Smith! TimTam's are great!

Cheri Hudson Passey deep in concentration.

Maia's Books has all the best titles!

Going down to the Blue Iguana,

Amy, Leslie and me - just a little cold.

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