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Friday, June 16, 2017

Jamboree 2017: Pre-Conference

Thursday, 8 June 2017

 Took off from work about noon to drive from Escondido to Burbank (about a two-hour drive) to attend the 48th. annual Genealogy Jamboree put on by the Southern California Genealogical Society (which I have been a member for almost six years now). This year I didn’t attend the Genetic Genealogy conference, which started earlier this day, due to the fact that I am still catching up on all the classes I took from the past two years.

 After checking in, I walked around checking out the set up in the convention center foyer and looking for friends. I saw Trish Stannard and Elyse Morales (better known as Elyse Doerflinger in the gen world) sitting by the big windows in the Marriott lobby. I crashed their little party and ended up chit chatting for the next hour with them. Elyse was getting hungry and so we decided to have an early dinner at the Daily Grill inside the Marriott.

 After dinner, I went to get checked in and pick up my syllabus. On the way back I saw many friends from all over the country and some international too! I get so excited when I see all my genealogy friends. “Didn’t I just see you in Raleigh?”, “Weren’t you at SLIG?”, and “I haven’t seen you since RootsTech in 2012”. Jamboree is like the big conference in my backyard and I always feel the most comfortable and relaxed there.

  Here are some pictures from this day:

8-month pregnant  Elyse and I comparing. LOL

I spied Ron Arons & Gena Ortega in the Daily Grill.

Elyse & Trish at dinner in the Daily Grill.

The new hip place for GeneaBloggers at the Marriott.

The impromptu gathering. Hi, Drew! 

Thomas MacEntee's stylish sneakers.

Bedtime for Bonzo.

Great weather forecast, despite some "June Gloom".

I love the new digital signs Marriott has everywhere!

Jamboree conference materials. I bought the DNA syllabus too!

My swag... Gotta represent!

My view from the room for the next 3 days!

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