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Monday, June 5, 2017

NGS 2017 Raleigh: A Photo Recap; Day 4

 Saturday, 13 May 2017

 Final day! One last day to get every class in that I can. One last day to see all my friends. One last day to visit the vendor hall. Well, I got in five classes, plus a luncheon with the great David Rencher talking about the Scots-Irish. This has been a great conference that really had exceeded my expectations. The conference center was very impressive and easy to navigate. The NGS volunteers were especially helpful and courteous, and the food at all the luncheons was exceptionally good. I can’t think of a complaint at all. I hear the attendance was 2,450 people, which was about perfect for me. There were ten lectures filmed which you can order from Playback NGS and 150 sessions audio recorded. NGS truly has the best speakers and the best topics under one event. Until next time…

Classes I attended today:

·       Courting North Carolina: The Courts of the Tarheel State with Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL.
·       South Carolina Research with Jefferey Haines, CG.
·       Research in Texas with Kelvin L. Myers.
·       ISBGFH Luncheon with David E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA, “The Scots-Irish in the Carolinas – Immigrants Who Made a Difference!”
·       Southern Ante-Bellum Plantation Records with Ari Wilkins.
·       Carolinians Settle the South with James Ison, AG, CG.

Final pics…
My new rockin' friend, Tierra Cotton-Kellow. Pic by her.

The great Judy G. Russell.

Dawn Williams-Kogutkiewicz and Cheryl Hudson Passey.

Lori Thornton signing her new book, "Research in Mississippi".

Jeffery Haines signing his new 2nd. edition book, "Research in North Carolina"

(L to R) Lydia Griffin, Shelly Murphy, and Bernice Bennett.

ISBGFH Luncheon.

ISBGFH luncheon.

Good friend and President of ISBGFH, Frank Southcott.

ISBGFH  luncheon.

ISBGFH British Institute this year!

Barbara Vines Little at the VGS booth helping patrons.

Crista Cowan of Ancestry giving a class.

MyHeritage always draws a large crowd.

One of the smaller classrooms. James Ison about to go on.

Tearing down the registration booths.

Boy, they really pack it up fast!

Jane Van Tour, volunteer extraordinaire! 

I didn't go crazy with ribbons this year.

Final sunset to a great conference!

To view the NGS blog compendium put together by my good friend Randy Seaver, please visit Genea-Musings here.

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